Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Letter....

The print may have faded, the smell is still the same
The ink is still blue, there still is that name
In the same envelope, it still lies with me
The letter that he gave, will now go with me

Each time I read it, it looks as if he's there
Those tiny plump hands holding the pen tight
All his concentration on getting the spellings right
Writing it carefully deep in the night

He gave it on my bday, a letter of love
Of gratitude, of feelings, that a 5-yr old feels
Nothing had ever made me cry before
Unimaginable, the love that the 5-yr old heart conceals

Dearest, most beautiful mumma, I love you so muc
Don't you ever leave me, it says
I have asked God to keep us together
May we live in this house always

His mumma is still in the same house
God did hear that part
A busy manager lives down the street, I barely recognise
That 5-yr old still stays with me, in my heart

As I fold the letter back
I can't help but wonder
Why do children grow up
Why can't they be 5-yr olds forever?

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