Thursday, January 22, 2009

calendar calendar
move ur butt
im sick n tired now
have to go home jhat pat

i luked at u for ages
n u moved bt a day
wat do u want in turn...
to just do as i say

im thinking wat i cud bribe u with
i know ur days love night..
bt if only i cud make nights come faster
these days wudnt b so much of a pain

i don have nething to give u..
u need to understand my plight
u mustve heard bout the sunrise n sunset in iit
its been 18 months since i got to see tht sight!

n ur brother in India, he hasnt waited for me..
i have to rush back home n see
all the changes that he witnessed n i did not
plz walk faster, plz, do it for me..

back there the streets must be busier,
and the malls, the better
my house got renovated, n i dint evn see a picture
do u think there is anything left that would still recognise me?

oh its been only 18 months! thts not an era!
im sure i havnt missed out on a lot
i hope my things are just the way they were..
atleast i hope..nothing changed tht i called mera

oh i wanna go back..i have my things packed
would dive straight into my moms arms, and hug her tight,
i know we'll be in tears..
and pat! in 3 days, we'll be back to our usual fights!!

plz oh please.. MOVE!
tick your way, to the 7th of feb
im dying to be back..
just how do i prove!

if my looking at u wr to make u go faster,
u wudve crossed the 7th deadline by now
if my begging cud do it, we wud b past 26th i know..
just tell me, what u expect of me..
n bang! ill do it for u honey!