Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Killing Wait

I wait for an answer...
An accept or a reject
You go or you don't
It all depends on whom they select

Letting imaginations run loose
I see myself getting enrolled
In the university I so much desire
I would give it my future to mould

You don't get any points for your dreams
The points are for reality, printed in black
The most pinching thing is that the game is fair
It's only talent that will crack

Now that it occurs with me
Do I realise how painful a wait can be
And I swear if I can ever help, I will save evone from the pain
I wont keep anyone waiting for an answer, what can I gain!

My blood pressure rises, and adrenaline gushes to brain
As I imagine what the misterious envelope may contain
Its not a matter of life and death, and yet I keep wondering
What if all this goes in vain?!

In front of a mother where will this agony stand
Who waits for her son to return from war
How much she wants him to be back safe in his own land
What does she feel when she's even deprived the news, good or bad

Could a wife think of anything when the husband is in coma?
The doctors tell her to wait and pray
Wait for a miracle, they say
Could her pain be measured on a scale, mine would be a peice of hay

My agony my pain my wait is all I care about
Once I get selcted, its only MY FUTURE Im concerned about
Lfe is not a bed of roses, the mother must understand
The husband may not ever be back, the wife may wish for a magic wand

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