Wednesday, May 21, 2008

what if

as long as you have the "what ifs", as long as you have the haunting "buts"
you can not go anywhere, you might start off, but be sure you won't get much further

what if this doesn't work, what if this isn't it!
well, may be you are right..may be you are better off without moving, but just staying static at a point u can only get older u will not have any experience or any failures to call your own
even an insect grows old, so will you..your gray hair and those wrinkles is not with any contribution of your's what time did to would have in any case..

unless and until you leave the shores, you will never ever find the pearl. You want it?! You've ought to move your butt, get up, reach out, fight, do everything that it takes..what do you have to loose?! There is nothing that you can call yours, and that you can not do without. Take your chance! Take it this once..and you will not regret it..never!