Wednesday, March 7, 2007


The world looked so promising
The people so happy and loving
I'd started planning my life
The ways I could bring evone a smile

Oh I couldn't wait to look in your eyes
God's form on earth, my dear mother
I couldn't wait to be in your safe strong arms
I hope I look like you mother

God sent me saying He had two angels
Waiting eagerly to receive me
You both couldn't wait, He said, to see me
To kiss me, to hug me, to love me

You must all be waiting for your little princess
To hold me abreast, wrapped in a beautiful dress
Aah! You cheated me! My own angels!
It never occured to me only a prince rules

The hands that wouldve fed me are colored
With my own blood..
But wasn't I the very same blood, your own part
Not a cancerous growth made to throw apart!

Could there have been a bigger betrayal?
I was a gift I thought, God was answering your payer
It needs to be redefined, this word mother
The one who gives birth could certainly not be a murderer

I was a bud, you could've let me open up into a flower
And given me a chance to see this world
I promise I would've spread fragrance every hour
Had you not crushed me under your power

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