Tuesday, October 30, 2007

As fall sets, and leaves get all colored
I can't help but wonder
How in it's last inning of life
The tree still has so much to offer

It can bring a smile on any face
It can light up anyone's day
They are a reason in themselves
To smile and be gay

Does the tree have no fear?
Of nearing it's end
Isn't it nervous! Isn't it aware!
Of what's coming next!

May be it just has a different outlook
Not it's last season, it is its last chance
Last chance to spread love, to spread smiles
To make this world more beautiful, for every glance.

He left hints everywhere, to make me understand
The importance of giving, of loving, of sacrificing
I see Him through the leaves, smiling
Hoping I be what He wants me to be.

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