Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Everyday a miracle....

I'm just overwhelmed to see His love. How I go through each day is a miracle in itself..I've had totally unknown persons come and offer academic help, and that even made me wonder if it was an angel and would disappear after taking me out of the $#!t holding me by hand all along.
It's nothing less than a miracle that I'm still sane and surviving with my TA job. It was completely maddening when I came to know I was TAing for 3574. Oh! What a course! An EE graduate being asked to go on a QT war, totally unarmed! But just small beautiful things keep happening and I'm totally awestruck. I have this thing to read for HW4, cause it is due tomorrow, and the professor said I should expect a lot of them today during my office hours. I just had an idea someone could have already submitted the HW, and lo and behold! there was a HW already there waiting for me to come and have a look at it! I mean I've never seen a submission 2 days before the due date in this course! What should I call it if not His miracle, His love?
I'm so so grateful Ma, thank You tonnes.
Love You lots. :)

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