Thursday, November 8, 2007

not meant to be?

Somethings in life are just not meant to get associated..they can co-exist, yes, but they just can NOT be together. There are trees that can't co-exist, one would drain away the minerals from earth leading the other to die..there are food stuffs and drinks that just can't be taken together. And then there are people.....

People who are on their own excellent beings, great friends and harmless individuals, but still when they come into each other's vicinity, they repel. Not just repel, the reaction is a strong exothermic one, like one that occurs when sodium and water react. BLAST!! The result would be the can't expect sodium to dissolve in just know they don't go together. People can be different someone argues..that they have brains and emotions and they adapt. That when we live in a society, it's not about individual properties, but about co-existing, and people do change over time. Sodium for example will never know what falling in love is..and love is something which when happens, makes all logic and reasonings sound dumb. It's beyond explanation, beyond arguments of why and's to be felt and experienced. So may be what is sodium today will become salt be ready to get mixed in water.

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