Friday, November 30, 2007

beyond fear..

This girl wants to talk to me about the last project. And the current one. I have no clue what she will ask and what I must study. Even if I give a few hours to this, I am not sure I would be of much help to her. I can't pray to Bhagwan, as it was my own mistake in not keeping the track of what was going on in class...I've to leave in a few minutes and I'm just going to get crucified. I can't think much, just that I hope it gets over soon. As if it was an operation. But, I still wish I come out of it alive. Please God help me. This one more time, please please please please. I'm just relying on you Ma, you please save me. I know I should not ask You, and should have done some studying myself, but well, here I am again, begging.

Help me Amma.

Huh...I went and was waiting for her to turn up. She came late, about 11 mins late, when I had almost congratulated myself and written a mail to her saying I had waited and left. I had been praying all the while, before I went I had put vibhuti, the one that He has blessed..:)
It all worked for me. For the nth time in life, He saved me. She had a few questions I answered and a few that I did not know, asked Mainak and mailed her back. Man! I was so scared but did not want to show anyone, just wanted to avoid it and run away badly. It's over! God! What an escape! I'm thankful to the core.

Love You tonnes,
My Cutie Pie!

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