Friday, April 10, 2009

I recently heard or read an advertizement which has been ringing in my ears since. "They say if you do what you like doing, for a living, you do not feel you are working. And (said the ad guy) I have not worked in 24 years!"
And these days, I am thinking how true the statement is! Wisest of wise men must have said this!

I am an electrical engineer by profession, pursuing a masters (!!!!!!!) when I do not like the subject at all (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). And, I have to find a job next, the "have to" part is what worries me the most. I am begining a career forcefully.. Is this attitude going to take me too far? Why am I an electrical engg when I hate it so much! And now when I am 26, shouldn't I think about if this actually is what I will like doing all my life? And since I know it's not, shouldn't I start thinking what's best for me and what I must do for a living..

My room-mate and I were discussing why we can't get paid for what we like doing.. like listening to music... like cooking.. like acting.. like singing.. like I donno but something that doesn't rythm with programming

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