Monday, April 9, 2007

world coming to an end....

Well there are many things that have made me think seriously about this. The world is coming to an end. I read about it and heard from some peole that within 15 yrs the world will come to an end.

Swami will be here for another 15 yrs, physically. And, He has come to start Sathya Yuga again. So, the world is not coming to an end but the Kali age is sure gonno come to an end in the next fifteen yrs. I am sure I will see more than I can imagine at this time. I will live to see the Sathya Yuga starting after fifteen yrs. I will live to see the bad people repenting, coming in Sai fold, dying if they do not accept and acknowledge God's presence. I am sure I will be an eye witness to the end of Kali and embarkment of Sathya age.

I wonder what role I will play in the next age, in Sai's mission. Will I be of any use to Him? If not, my life isn't worth a penny. For, I've been in His fold since I was 2, and if still He doesn't choose me to be of service, this life is hopeless and useless. And the useless will come to an end in 15 yrs. But how can I be useless? God has incarnated to make us come to Him. He definitely loves me and cares for my upliftment. When Lord Krishna has Himself descended on this land, where is the need fo me to think what will become of me? He is there to take care of me and all my worries. I am His child. He will give me something to do I am sure. If it were not for His will, I would never have even thought so far. He is the cause, He is the thought and He Himself is the solution.

Swami, I am ready, for all the tests that You have in store for me. Please bless me and allow me to pass them all and be of service to You. I love You Ma.

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